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Forme et santé Médecine
Développeur Pascal Freiburghaus
4.99 USD

DiabetesPal is a diabetes management software. There is also the companion iOS App on the iTunes Store. This is the first Diabetes Software that syncs your data using iCloud or Dropbox! So your data is accessible on all your devices. Use the iOS App to input the data during the day and analyze your data on your desktop.

Key features:
- Log all relevant information for your diabetes management: Blood sugar, Insulin, Medications, Ketone, HbA1C, Weight/Height, Carbs, Activities. Blood Pressure and Pulse
- Get a quick overview of your daily glucose and insulin data in an easy to read diary
- Analyze your Blood sugar and other indicators using various ready to use graphics
- Produce reports and print them or mail them to your doctor
- Sync your data automatically to all your devices using iCloud or Dropbox
- Supports different international units for Glucose (mmol/L, mg/dL), HbA1C (%, mmol/mol)
- Export your data to CSV
- Import data from Abbott Freestyle Libre, Abbott Optium/Precision NEO, Accu-Check Smart Pix (CGM Pumps as well), Accu-Chek Mobile, BayerContour Next USB, Bayer Contour Next Link, Bayer Contour NEXT, Medtronic CSV File and CSV Files

ATTENTION: Contour Next Link 2.4 is not supported yet. This is a different model than Contour Next Link!